hip-hop-micOutside the tablets given to Moses, which has the 10 commandments, there are certain rules of engagement for one to succeed in life

As an aspiring rapper, here are 10 commandments to guide you.

Read, memorize and live with it.

  1. Get a style that’s yours, be Original
  2. Have a die- hard crew that will have your back all through
  3. Don’t over-speed, plan every step and making mistakes is allowed, learn from it
  4. Don’t let money rule you
  5. Stay humble
  6. Understand you are not a normal artiste, you are a brand, so let your tweets, instagram pictures and social posts reflect this.
  7. Competition is real, don’t slack, kill or be killed.
  8. Season comes and season goes, attimes relax, then come back redefined
  9. Save or invest some of the money when you making it.
  10. Never forget the place of God in your career.

This is the 10 rap commandments according to Ghanaian emcee, EL.




Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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