#FridayThe13th: 12 times Nigerian artistes made music about some of our personal nightmares

Iya Basira – Styl Plus

We don’t know the exact kind of childhood you had, but if you didn’t have rumours of food vendors preparing their food with unimaginable and suggestively fetish ingredients, you probably didn’t grow up in Nigeria. Off their debut Expressions album, Styl Plus did not only confirm our fears of the possibility that our favorite street food vendors may actually be selling more than food, they also snagged a hit off it.

Monika- Junior and Pretty

Getting a girlfriend from the village because you cannot trust “city” girls can quickly take a downturn when you have to constantly keep them from dragging your name in the mud. Junior and Pretty may not have had the best production, but if you can’t relate to this personal nightmare of an embarrassing partner, you haven’t lived enough.

Awe – Asa

Asa’s self-titled debut album had more gems than many but Awe was peculiar for a lot of reasons and a mellow guitar chord and a vivid storyline was two of such reasons. Waheedi the story’s protagonist had not only impregnated an older neighbour that lived nearby, the child had also taken a strange yellow skin pigment neither Waheedi nor his bride-to-be could explain. There is also traces of horror and it doesn’t even require reading between the lines to see. Talk about good problems?

If You Ask Me – Omawumi

Omawumi’s If You Ask Me was one of the biggest songs of its 2011 release year because of its explicity on the child abuse subject matter. The thought of a pre-pubescent girl bearing her own father’s baby is so scary, it is almost impossible to believe someone actually made a hit of such of often ignored matter in Nigeria.

The Donkey, the Man and the Son – Ebenezer Obey

Ebenezer Obey is not one to speak lightly of. The Afrojuju legend has an extensive discography almost impossible to track but this song stands tall in his entire oeuvre, because of its philosophical undertones. The Donkey, the Man, and the Son is a song about the impossibility pleasing the world with some existential undertones about how we’re nothing but a tiny speck in a universe of big things.

Soldier – Falz

Falz and Simi may have delivered a great duet on Soldier, but for girls who know how it feels to have unsolicited advances, getting one from an unrelenting military man may not be much of a fairytale.

More You – Bez

The Kemi Adetiba directed video for More You had a forlorn Bez appearing at various points beside the bed of a lover who never seems to notice him. For most of the video, this plays along with the dying love theme of the song and all is well and good, until the video comes to an end and we see Bez’s lover mourning him at a cemetery. Apparently she had not been ignoring him, Bez had just been dead and attempting to talk to her from the other side.

Kolomental – Faze

Faze made it cool at the time, but really, who wants to join a band of the clinically insane? Any takers?

Right, we didn’t think so too.

Cry – Mode 9

If you have ever worried about losing your loved ones to cult violence or drunk driving, this is not the best song to help your anxieties.

Oluchi – Nnenna

Abusive husbands are never a joke. Off this 2007 single, Nnenna sings about a friend named Oluchi with an abusive husband. It’s not a very gory story, but the video detailed enough to haunt you.

Ashes – M.I

M.I brought all of our consciences to the book for the murder of the famed UNIPORT students also known as the #ALUU4. If you have ever waited around while evil was being done and did nothing or refused to raise your voice to fight injustice, M.I’s Ashes will bring you face to face with your own inadequacies and sins.

No More – Genevieve Nnaji

We all have that one regret that haunts all of our biggest successes, that’s exactly what this song is to Genevive Nnaji.


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