23 songs from the 2000s you probably already forgot about


Pasa Pasa – MP

After breaking away from supergroup, JJC/419 squad, Master Planner released his debut single No Dull Yourself in 2007. Pasa Pasa was a 2009 club banger that kept the singer around the block for a while. Only for a while.

Fimile – Kas

At the height of the success of auto-tuned hit makers like T-Pain was the sudden break out of prodcuer and singer Kas in 2009.

Madam – Azadus

Azadus Afro-reggae anthem Madam was released in 2003,but it didn’t get major buzz until 2004.

Pretete – OJB

Taking inspiration from heavy bassment hits by R.Kelly, OJB’s Pretete was the perfect 2006 summer jam.

Two Women(feat. V.I.P) – Tony Tetuila

2006 was the year of Tony Tetuila, and he excited with this highlife number featuring Ghanian rap group, V.I.P.

Hapuya Like That – Morachi

2007 marked the begining of the influx of Nigerian artistes based outside country into the industry in full throttle. On his return to Nigeria, Hapuya like that was the first single released by Morachi.

Shayo – Bigiano

It’s 2008 and after many months of meandering underground at a time when the internet wasn’t widely accessible, Bigiano is finally linked with this nostalgia-inducing number.

Iya Basira – Styl Plus

Between Styl Plus and Iya Basira’s diablolical canteen is one jam and half, off the group’s debut album Expressions.

Crisis – African China

Off African China’s 2002 debut album Crisis was this conscious reggae number highlighting the dark days of violence and murders in Nigeria in the late 90s to mid 2000s


Danfo Driver – Mountain Black and Mad Melon

Between day time jobs as bus drivers and late night studio sessions, the duo of Mountain Black and Mad Melon recorded this 2003 hit.

E Dey Pain Me – Stereoman

When you watch and listen to hits like Stereoman’s 2003 lead single for his 2005 album Ekwe, you realise how far Nigerian music has come, but yet how much it retains in originality of poppy afro-pop hits with catchy one-liners.

Choko – Sean Tero

In the later years of street hop stoner anthems, like Prof Linkin’s Jogodo was this happy go lucky hit by Sean Tero.

Shayo – Durrella

Once upon a King of the Zanga was the unbelievably catchy hit Shayo by Durella

Joor Oh (feat. IcePrince, Reminisce, Durella, Ruggedman & Eldee) – Jahbless

After Jahbless’ underground hit, Joor Oh got him major buzz, he decided to refix the hit with some of the biggest names in the industry at the time. With an accompanying Yo Momma-esque battle ring video.


Originality – Faze

This epic number was the lead single off the most anticipated album of 2008.

Sip Easy – Freestyle (feat. 2face)

Freestyle recorded this smash hit featuring veteran 2face Idibia for his 2006 debut album Free at last.

Emi Le Gan – Sasha

In the early makings of Sasha’s career as Nigeria’s first lady of rap, she released this single in 2003 under powerhouse group and label, Trybesrecords.

Suo – Marvellous Benji

Before Shoki, Azonto or even Yahooze was this hit by Marvellous Benji about a “new” dance known as Suo.

Jogodo – Prof Linkin

Prof Linkin’s was the first of many stoner anthems that made waves across the country in the early 2000s.

Chinwe Ike – Resonance

The title song for Resonance’s debut 2005 album set ground work for a collective that stands till date as one of the most succesful Nigerian gospel albums of all time.

Fokasibe – DJ Zeez

Nobody knows what happened to DJ Zeez but we remember what this 2009 smash hit did to us whenever it came on the speakers.

Collabo – Deebee

Break out hit for singer Deebee was the first and last anyone heard of him, but it was memorable enough to make this list.

Malaria – Soty

This was the ultimate twisted love story for those who remember this 2007 reverse love story about a woman in love with another woman’s partner.



  • Phoenixnaija says:

    Correction…Expressions wasn’t Styl Plus’ debut album, it was their second. Their debut album had hits like Olufunmi, Call my name and Runaway

    • Toye says:

      While your skepticism is understandable because songs like Olufunmi, Call My Name and Runaway were released a couple of years earlier, the same songs were all on Expressions.

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