21 questions about Nigerian music that should keep you up every night

Despite its shallow outlook, Nigerian music can be deeper than the ocean. Let us keep you busy with 21 questions.

#1 What would Nigerian music sound like without it’s  precious nyansh / backa /bumbum / buttocks ?


“Your hard work dey make me dey throway”

#2 On his song Free Madness, Terry G says, The people wey get this beat/omo dem dey for outside. Who are these people he speaks of and what are they doing outside?

#3 How did we Nigerians manage to listen to Konga’s music, that one time?


#4 It has been almost five years since Styl Plus sang  Four years don waka. Is it possible they have been unable to waka come back because they are stuck in Iya Basira’s diabolical buka?

#5 Did Kennis Music Break up Plantashun Boiz and Remedies to make more money from the solo careers of artists in both groups?

#6 Is 26 not too old for Wizkid to still refer to himself as a genius child or any kind of child for that matter?



#7 There are about 170million people in Nigeria, if Yemi Alade was ever serious about looking for  Johnny, shouldn’t she have filed a police report?

#8 Who international collabo don help?


Oh Okay


#9 Is 9ice still secretly working on an agenda to bring home a Grammy?

#10 Would Lil Kesh still boast of a career if someone hadn’t invented the Shoki dance?

#11 Is hypeman Special Ed the most famous, un-famous Nigerian entertainer of all time?


The only Rick Ross we know is this guy

#12  Skales and Wizkid reportedly had a drink together 10 hours before their infamous twitter spat. Is there a conspiracy theory class we missed?

#13 Is Vic-O a real person or an urban legend created by the Nigerian Internet.

#14   Falz is one of the few people who can fall back on his academic degree if music fails. O ye undergraduate rappers, should you not probably try to graduate first?

#15   Nigerian cyber-cafes are terrible and it is difficult enough surviving as a Yahoo boy with no laptop without someone trying to Katapot your hustle.Who can blame Olamide for his outburst at the Headies?  

#16 Who are the other artists under Ice Prince’ Super Cool Cats record label? 


#17  Are Show Dem Camp just two guys that bonded over never finishing NYSC?

#18 Did Zakky dedicate his career to holding his torch light until Nigeria has steady power supply?

#19 Wouldn’t a YBNL slang dictionary be Nigeria’s first million copy seller?

#20 If the aftermath of the Don Jazzy, Olamide clash at the headies didn’t end in a truce, would Don Jazzy have needed real rappers?

#21 Noticed that the best Nigerian artists are at least bi-accented? With one accent for their music and, at least one more for interviews.



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