9 catchy Wizkid lyrics that actually make no sense


My Gbedu is final, Wizzy Baby Baba Nla – Baba Nla

We have searched high and low and scoured the internet for anything that remotely translates what appears to be this simple statement of boss-hood but it makes less sense every time we do. Particularly how does ones’ sound become the first and the last sound and what does this have to do with being a big fat man?

Surulere/Masha-Kilo/Akerele-Shitta/Small London dey feel am/Everything I do dem go talk – Surulere (remix)

If you don’t live anywhere around Ojuelegba/Yaba area of Lagos you may not know this but none of these random places listed in Wizkid’s Surulere remix verse mean anything. They are all interconnected bus stops names that conductors and bus drivers yell in that same order in search of passengers. How Wizkid set a premise with these places only for the next thing out of his mouth to be how everybody talks about him is not only befuddling, it is something he should consider therapy for.

Got a pretty girl and she love me long time/Wine it, wine it, very long time/Oh yeah, very long time – One Dance

First of all, we’re pretty sure she heard you ask to “Backup and Whine” the first couple hundred times you asked. Then do tell us, for how long exactly is ‘very long time’? We just need to know because it seems like the girl in question will be gyrating her waists for an awfully long while and it is only fair we ask or find out if she will need Aboniki balm afterwards for her overworked hinges.

If you see me drive by, holla at your boy – Holla At Your Boy

Why Wizkid? Was this a cry for help? Loyal friends maybe? How exactly will anyone holler at you when you drive by behind your tinted car windows?

Caro your body necessary/Caro carry leave story – Caro

Wait, what? Necessary for what exactly? How did the studio managers let this slide? What the fuck is he talking about?


Tease Me, Tease Me, Tease Me baby/Please me please me baby please me baby- Tease Me

Either Wizkid can’t make up his mind about wanting blue balls or having an orgasm or the people that allowed him to enter the studio with these convoluted lyrics deserve a life resetting slap.

Oya oya ask your mummy/Awon eleyi, awon eleyi won bad gan – Tease Me

Why should we ask our own mothers to confirm Wizkid’s “badness”? In fact, why should anyone ask their mothers anything about Wizkid?

Your bum bum bigger than Bombay – Bombay feat Phyno

We didn’t want to revisit this, but for the love of God and the sake of our ladies. Please be informed that your buttocks sharing semblance with anything remotely close to a geographical location may mean you require immediate medical attention. Signed by Management.

I want your body sleeping in my bed/ Fashola eleniyan….

Wha…You know what Wizkid?


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