Paul-Play-DairoThe church is where gospel music lives.

There is hardly no space for ‘wordly’ songs. But over time, we have seen some songs from non=gospel artistes make their way into the church and has been found acceptable in the christian world.

Here is a look at 5 of those songs that Choirs in various churches nationwide have had no issues whatsoever adding to their playlist during a sunday service

  1. Mosorire – Paul Play Dairo: When this song dropped, it was a prayer on the lips of everybody and people actually bought the album off the weight of this single as some mistakenly expected it to be a gospel album.

2.Jah is my light – OJB Jezreel: I remember OJB narrating how he once rejected an offer by a church to come perform at its program as they thought he was a gospel musician following the success of this single.

  1. Praise the Lord (Holy Holy)- Wadada: Reggae musician King Wadada’s major hit song was an appreciation to God and this got accepted by all and sundry as even the pastors danced to it.
  2. Amin – Dammy Krane: Dammy Krane says a prayer to God and gets an Amen amongst the congregation.
  3. This Year: Jaywon: Come New Year service in any of our denominations, this is one song that gets the most play and radio spins as everybody cries out their desires and resolution into the new year.



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