5 things we expect Lil Kesh to do on his debut album YAGI

Are you guys ready for this? Because we are not even sure we are.


After postponing the release from the prior scheduled late 2015 timeline to an uncertain later date, Lil Kesh appears ready to get back on track with the roll out of his debut album.

The rapper dropped subtle hints a priori his announcement via his Twitter account that his debut album will be released next month.

Of course, this was the reaction of the Nigerian internet


The YBNL rapper has already revealed the album will be titled, Young and Getting It (YAGI).

While we await more details on the album roll out, here are some things we expect Lil Kesh to include on the album

Genre-bending collaborations.

Good rap cross-genre collaborations are often holy grails in Nigerian music. Every once in while we get a song like Ice Prince’s Oleku or Neato C’s Share My Blessings that become better in texture, feel and relevance with time. Lil Kesh should be able to repeat the same thing by including a timeless cross-genre collaboration on the album.


By default, the hip hop genre has always been a political voice. This means every rapper naturally has a deeper poetic side with a conscious awareness of human and socio-political realities. If  YAGI features a Lil Kesh with a deeper side than we have been led to believe from his more successful releases, It will begin to mark Lil Kesh’s rise to the place of legends.

You already have hits Kesh, now please show us something else.

Breaking genre limitations.

Rap music has it own defined paradigm of  process, sound and execution but critically acclaimed cross-genre masterpieces like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly that pull off a stunning fusion of jazz, funk and soul come along every once in a while. The hip hop genre seems to be transcending itself and Lil Kesh can take a cue from this evolution to cross-breed the sound and feel of his album with instrumentations and textures outside the hip-hop realm.

Thematic direction.

Nigerian music is currently at a place where artistes would rather focus on getting hit singles for concerts and endorsements instead of making thematically relevant LPs that will stand the test of time. What we expect from Lil Kesh’s debut album is an attempt to break this industry jinx with a record that proudly boasts of content, plot, theme and direction.

Relatable stories.

Rappers like Kanye West, Drake and even more recently, Falz are perfect examples of artistes who have stripped away the one-sided macho lyricism of hip-hop to make conversational music. This was achieved by openly talking about deeply relatable issues like their feelings, fears, insecurity and everyday life. These subject matters are relatable because not everybody is living the fast life of daily parties and quivering butt cheeks. They give a near-poetic narrative of the human experience rather than just make music about cliche mundanities. If Lil Kesh follows this path, he will be towing the line of greats like the late DaGrin, TuPac amongst others, who took the music away from being just about music, but  a sonic movement for the world around it.


There are already high expectations for Lil Kesh’s album  and we hope the big picture idea is to be young and get it right.

We wish Lil’ Kesh all the best.


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