5 things that come to you from Asa’s new video

Asa (2)Asa continues to drop visuals for songs off her most recently released album ‘Bed Of Stone‘. The latest, is the video for ‘The One That Never Comes‘. We absolutely enjoyed watching it and here’s what we picked out:
1. Her proud heritage

In the beginning of the clip, Asa can be seen talking to an audience before she performs. She chats with ease about names and places she’s conversant with abroad, but is quick to end it with the fact she carries a Nigerian passport. We like!

2. Simple and classy

With Asa, there are hardly dramatic scenes and a motley crowd in the music videos. Just simple, stunning scenery and great music. And this one is no different.

3. Stage craft

There are several shots of Asa performing live to different audiences in Europe and one thing that stands out quickly, is her stage craft. At some times, she has them laughing. At other times, they are dabbing away tears.

4. Horn-y

It seems Asa’s favourite instrument these days is a horn. We have seen pictures on Instagram and now we see her cuddle and play it in this new video.

5. Fashion on fleek

Asa is not one for the cocktail gowns or black little dresses that other females adore, but she still manages to stand out elegantly with her choices in fashion and they are incredibly fascinating too.


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