Audio + Video: Simi – Open And CloseSo buzzing female artiste and X3M records’ own Simi, dropped a video for her new single, Open and Close earlier this week.

From the moment I pressed play, I couldn’t stop laughing and hitting the repeat button wasn’t hard at all.

The video was directed by Mex and here are five things we loved about the video.


This was a video that followed a storyline and was carefully set at putting the right pictures and interpretation to the thoughts of the artiste, from the set, to the food and party scenes, Mex hit off right.

HER COSTUMES: From the very first scene to the last, her styles, leather jackets, the costuming was well thought of for each scene.

HER GOONS: Now the set of girls that walked behind her into the party were quite hilarious and they added spice to the video with their funny looks and acts.

THE BOYFRIEND SNATCHING SCENE: We had been showed different shades of Simi, from her street girl look in the blue wig to the sultry sexy girl character, then at the 1.40 minute of the video, we saw her snatching another lady’s boyfriend with a simple touch to his back.

THE DANCE SCENES: Simi clearly put a lot into her choreography, putting up her best Adewale Ayuba impression, doing the belly dance even though it clearly wasn’t her thing, the crowd dance moves especially the part which had the police officers was quite impressive.

Open and Close is a very cool video, and quite colorful also. Once you see it, you definitely will hit the replay button.



Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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