A 7 step guide to successful gate-crashing according to the gospel of Falz

Always be suited up and prepared, the next turn up may just be around the corner

giphy (1)

Never be too far from your phone, any gele(s) and matching Ankara outfits you see on Instagram is a susceptible Owambe

“I don’t know you are, but I will find them and eat your Jollof rice”

When you finally get a location, make sure you show up on the scene like

giphy (2)

Unlook the unlookers staring at you for not wearing matching Ankara.

giphy (3)
Wailers wail, lookers look

Don’t mind them, they came to eat free rice too

giphy (4)
Get creative with your response to why you’re at the party. “E sir, you too where is your Invitation? Whose party is it? This your own Ankara is faded how many parties have you worn it to?”

And If your cover finally blows and they try to kick you out, stage a coup and take over their party

giphy (6)

And when the party ends, make sure you leave with something

giphy (7)


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