9 Things the Dammy Krane vs Wizkid beef reminds us of


We are unsure if there is any real story here, but since everybody is talking about it, why not?

Hypertek singer Dammy Krane joins the long list of people who have thrown shade at Wizkid via social media. The singer kicked off his attacks with a series of rant/tweets directed at no one in particular. There is an unrelated robbery story somewhere in the mix and boom! Wizkid’s name is thrown into the picture.

Dammy Krane resumes his rants with claims of  being from the ‘streets’. He brags flawlessly about his father’s name, Surulere and his mother, Oshodi, both areas revered for their high density ghetto populations but we still fail to see the connection this has with Dammy Krane or Wizkid. Some media pundits have claimed the stolen “stuff” here is a song titled Good Time. Could this be the Kiss Daniel Good Time Wizkid sampled recently or the freestyle version released in 2015 with Yung L? Nothing seems to add up.

The real story here however is in the surprising silence of the normally trigger happy Wizkid. This is the first time the singer has been lynched by a fellow celebrity and it did not turn into a sour exchange with Wiz quickly reminding the person just how much money he has.

A response from Wizkid would have given a little more context to any shred of a story that might exist here but his superior silence by only reminds us of other similar if slightly out of context scenarios this story can be related to.

When you shoot blanks


When you wear you best clothes for lectures and nobody sees you, so you just walk around till everybody will notices

Pay me no mind, I'm just here being fly as hell

Pay me no mind, I’m just here being fly as hell

When your career has been on the tarmac waiting to take flight for over 5  years


When you insult your husband to gain his attention and he’s just sitting there looking at you.


When you go the market with a bomb and it refuses to go off


When you’re trying to be to be a thug but nobody believes you


When you send photoshopped nudes to your crush and they don’t respond or acknowledge it.


When you over show Team Davido logo.


When your babalawo has assured you the bullet will enter but it doesn’t.



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