The 5 step guide to picking the perfect ”Our song”

You have seen this happen in a movie before; Bradley Cooper stares longingly at Jennifer Lawrence with a glint in his eyes, Jennifer smiles back with a strand of hair falling just slightly in front of her eyes. She carefully sweeps it away with a slight swish of her head. Bradley Cooper gives a little laugh at the cuteness of the gesture, her cheeks redden and she awkwardly looks away as her head comes to rest on his chest. He’s holding her, she’s holding him and they are slow dancing in a poorly lit crowded bar to a mid-tempo love song from the 80s. For the rest of the movie, this moment is earmarked by the song playing which both romantics have dubbed “Our song”.

If you have seen this scene before in any movie with a silent wish of sharing a similar moment, well here’s good news, because you too can live your life like movie characters in a sappy romantic comedy with a perfect song that commemorates your relationship with your significant other. Just by following some simple rules.


Rule Number 1: Pick a song you can both have sex to.

The senses are heightened during sex and almost like doing drugs, many who know can attest to the fact that there is no better high than sleeping with someone you love. Besides, sex is the second best part of a relationship and having a great song playing in the background both of you like, could strengthen your love like no other. If you need help curating a sex playlist, look here.

Rule Number 2: Pick a song you both like.

Technically, this should be the first rule, but sex is a prelude to many things including agreeing on a song enjoyed by you and your partner. But in picking the perfect “Our Song”, it only makes perfect sense that you both enjoy the artiste or the song. This is important for bonding points.

Rule Number 3: Don’t pick anything basic.

No hype songs. No shake your booty songs. Nothing remotely about spending money or partying. Basically don’t pick any song your future kids would have problems relating with. Stick with numbers or artistes whose music has been proven to survive the dictates of time and space. This is one rule you don’t want to fuck up.

Rule Number 4: Pick something unique.

The perfect “Our Song” doesn’t have to be mosh-pit sappy. This is the song you want to dance to at things like your wedding anniversary or when you need to make grand gesture apologies, make sure it’s light weight in idea but meaningful in content and context. Our best recommendation is something unique to both your childhoods. Here you have a free range of options, from music both your parents used to play to movie theme songs.

Rule Number 5: Create a quirky dance for the song.

Dance is the language of attraction, sadly not many are actually good at it. But no worries, you and your partner are a team and you can come up with some quirky moves of your own. Besides, there should be no better picture in your head, than one of you and your lover trying to control your laughter as you side-step awkwardly for one another while the realisation that you would do literally anything for that person slowly sets in.


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