After our independence, we had ‘Nigeria, We hail thee’ as our national anthem, fast forward to 1978, we adopted ‘Arise O Compatriots’ put together by the Nigerian Police Band under the directorship of Ben E. Odiase and it has remained 37yrs after. If there however is any need to change the anthem yet again in the near future, a strong case can be made for Timi Dakolo’s ‘Great Nation’, this song ever since it was released has been performed on so many stages nationwide and evokes emotion across board and religions. Timi paints a picture of a nation that we boast of, a great nation; with words he encourages, inspires and promotes unity even in our diversity. Below are some quotable lines capable of stirring patriotism and a sense of nationhood.

‘Here we stand as a people, with one song, with one voice, We’re a nation, undivided and poised,                         we will take our stand, and build our land, with faith to defend what is ours…’

‘Though we are many people, Different tribes, different tongues, We’re united in our strength and resolve, To uphold the honour of our land, And for generations to come…’

We’re all we have, we’ll defend our land, We believe in this nation and we know we’ll get there,                  we’re all we have, we’ll defend our land, We believe in Nigeria and the Promise she holds, And that one day we’ll shine like the sun, We’re a great nation’




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