Album Review: You’ve probably heard PayBac’s ‘Frank Ocean Type Beats’ before, but not really


Rapper PayBac has been laying wisdom on instrumentals back to back for the last three years and not even the critical acclaim of a FaceOff LP corralled by hip-hop collective The Lost and Found, where he is a third to Charlie X and Boogey is enough for him to take a break.

Frank Ocean Type Beats as the name suggest was inspired after the rapper searched for a collection of beats made in the likeness of Frank Ocean’s iconic style and uploaded on the internet for free use. True to its titular description, most FOTB is redolent of a Frank Ocean-esque sleek consistency. A style the American singer and rapper curated with pattern arrangements that peak early in the song and stay there until the end.

Against the backdrop of a world of uncertainty where “the industry is oversaturated by people trying to make it”, where PayBac is Not Good Enough for his girl and even worse he’s “too broke to afford a whore” . He channels his undeniable quarter life crisis into an EP that confidently expresses his anxieties, insecurities and even wistful demons many would rather keep under covers. Three motifs, all three of PayBac’s previous works have held. The result, set on Frank Ocean’s often jaded vibe and Paybac’s slapstick wit is an averagely produced sub-happy album where even a song titled Best Day Of My Life plays like the drunken musings of a depressed daydreamer.

On FOTB we still get a PayBac forging ahead as a hip-hop purist despite industry odds, we have heard this before from him and he is still as sonically refreshing as ever. But his exhaustion from battling an industry failing to recognize his skill is slowly becoming evident and though fantasies are vivid, he knows he has to wake up soon.


Listen to Frank Ocean Type Beats below.


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