Decoded: This is a line-by-line break down of the best Nigerian rap verse from 2015

Many rap verses snaked in and out our playlists all through 2015 but none came close in weight, delivery or story telling like Poe’s verse from Falz’ Chardonnay Music off his Stories That Touch Album. So you can share our sentiments, we took it upon ourselves to give a full annotation of the verse. See below

It’s Chardonnay music
It’s P.O.E baby,
Chilling with white wine,
Sunday afternoon.
Sun is coming in,
Can’t help but think about my city.
It’s Poe by the way.
(Beat Break)
How far with Lagos on a Monday?
Traffic is as bad as the news on the front page


If you live in Lagos, it’s customary to find out the best traffic-free routes to take before leaving home, else you could find yourself stuck in traffic for hours with nothing else to do. As Poe compares, the Lagos traffic just bad as tragic news headlines on the front page of the dailies.

And Judging by my salary I might as well be unpaid,
My boss has the audacity to call me on a Sunday,
E be like sey e chop craze!

The worst part about the morning rush to work with the anxiety of facing gridlocks of traffic is remembering you barely make enough money at your job because money slow to enter, money quick to go. And you what else sucks? your boss is an asshole.

Or chop fufu cos this stinks,
Everyone is on the island now till it sinks.
I can only stay for a minute I gotta go,
Trying to make my mark in history now with no ink.

The Lagos island today, may be becoming an overpopulated wasteland floating on water. According to documented history of the city, colonial rulers in the early 1900s planned it to house only 200,000 people. But between its better road network, power supply, and security, the Lagos island has become a choice location for anyone in search of better opportunities and (or) a good time. Poe has bigger plans for himself so he can only be a part of that island bandwagon for a short period of time before he’s headed back to leaving a mark in history.

I think if you’ve truly been to Lagos,
the beauty and the chaos,
We’re so deep in the paper chase the prayers wouldn’t save us

This is probably the best description of the Lagos dream in three lines. A city where you’d find the squalor of Ajegunle and the wealth of Banana Island existing side by side can only give its residents an aspirational culture code. The poor wants to live like rich, the rich wants to live like the richer and both economic classes will seek to achieve this at any cost. This “get-your-own” mentality has become such a baser instinct that even prayers will not save many on the edge of the Illegality from tipping onto darkness of the underworld out of desperation.

Still I gotta slow it down so my babe can do her make-up

Poe uses this double entendre to slink into a lighter discussion as one would at a cocktail party. Lagos is a crazy city where even people in seat belts are not safe from the fast life. But Poe is one of the lucky few who doesn’t have to go the journey alone. So occasionally even he—a man on a mission to make history—has to slow down from the rat race for the simple things like having his girl successfully get her eyebrows on fleek before they reach the venue for the party.

Men I’ll take her everywhere but Lord knows she go delay us
Or show me where to park,
Oga show me where to take off

This is another double entendre intelligently used by Poe to detail the negative side to having a girlfriend in Lagos. While he doesn’t mind slowing things down for her, his girl may be the reason he shows up late to the venue altogether. This could also mean Poe is keeping his options for love open because having one person by his side all the time may demand him to settle down as a family man instead of jetting off with the freedom bachelorhood to achieve his dreams.

Call me superhero but it’s time to take the cape off,
Let’s sip Chardonnay and put that cd on repeat and watch the sunlight fade.

Poe paints a picture of the sun setting in Lagos after a long week. All he will be doing from here is sipping Chardonnay and listening to the music on repeat.


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