Famzing and other ass kissing keys to success


Networking is a major key to success in the music industry. The people you meet as you make your way up the success ladder are very crucial to how far ahead you will get. There are three major ways to build this network;

a. You have a link prior to your venture into music.
b. You have money to buy a link into this network.
c. You have Jesus.

If you’re reading this post, you definitely fall into the last category. This means you have to create a strong network of egbon(s), my Oga(s), big bros(s) and a host of other industry people who will take pride in screwing you over and expect a thank you note for it.

This is how the story goes.

You are starting your career and you have talent. You already have a small internet based following. Lucky for you, you know a guy that knows a guy that knows another guy who can get you entry to small industry events. Famz all of these guys.

Small industry events are the best places to famz because there are fewer fans. Big industry names are more relaxed and there’s no celebrityhood pressure. Humble yourself and make contact. Make yourself memorable and emphasise your respect for their brands. This is a joking sturvs’ laugh at all of their jokes. After your first introduction, please leave your music and talent out of further conversations. No one cares. Just famz and chill.

The average famz and chill period before getting your first major link varies. Many talents like yours have spent decades in the famz and chill zone. Some big names today have had longer careers as guardians of the famz and chill zone than they’ve had an actual career. To speed things up, you may want to appease your village people. If all else fails, a short yahoo boy career will quickly snap things back into focus. Just bring all that loot back to famz the industry more aggressively.

Once you land your first major link, don’t wait for a working relationship to be defined and sealed in a contract, just stick with them. Don’t wait to get paid either, just follow them everywhere. Cameo in their videos, ghost write without credit, produce without credit, and effect changes on all your social media accounts to reflect your affiliations. 

This immediate phase after the famz and chill zone is known as the mugu phase (but that’s a broader discussion for another day). Many industry experts have referred to these stages as ”paying dues.” We don’t know who made these rules, neither can we shake off the mental image of Lagos’ infamous road transport workers who tax buses at every stop.  

It is important you understand that ass-kissing will only leave a bad taste in your mouth. You won’t die. It’s all part of your big bang story. Besides, you just have to persevere till you get your first major chart-topping album, then its iyalaya anybody really.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.




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