#Brexit: Let’s quickly grasp at straws, did Olamide predict the pound sterling crash?

That Olamide is a pop culture goldmine is no longer news, but we may have to start taking everything he says more seriously.

We are not going to bore you with the full details of the politics going on in Britain right now, but a series of political higi haga around leaving the European Union has led to an unprecedented fall of the British Pound (£). Analysts are reporting this as the worst fall of the country’s national currency since 1985. To highlight just how bad a fall we’re talking about, Prime Minister, David Cameron has announced a resignation from office in three months time.

Anyway, this comes months after Olamide’s single Who U Epp where the words, Pounds Sterling lawa fi n’ se tissue, which loosely translated as “We use pound sterling for toilet papers” are echoed.  We’re not trying to incite an international enquiry into Olamide’s lyricism or anything, but if a currency can be used and disposed it may damn well be worthless.

The British Pound is currently exchanging at $1.36 to £1,  a far cry from it’s $1.5 to £1 exchange rate. Even worse, economists predict, the Pound may fall further to $1.1  to £1. And with British stocks slipping into a free fall since the exit of the English nation from the European Union, forex traders who stocked up on the Queen’s money will be wishing they paid more attention to the Voice of the Streets.

While we don’t know what this means for Nigeria’s currently floating Naira, we can at least be sure, Olamide will have an abundance of quality toilet papers, and this in itself may just be the height of the street ti take over movement.  Pop Culture guys, what can you do without it?



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