Brymo is set to release another album and we’re already stoked

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Since his exit from Chocolate City, Brymo has proved all the critics who questioned his decision to exit the label wrong with the release of three critically acclaimed follow-up albums to his Son of a Kapenta major label debut. Merchants, Dealers and Slaves , Tabula Rasa have both earned him a cult following from both fans who have followed his career since his Ara days or picked up in the wake of the rave reviews generated by his later works.

Over the years, Brymo has succinctly established himself as an artiste whose charted career path will not be held back by record label politicking or creative constraints of the Nigerian music industry -and this is why we’re excited about the release of his recently announced fifth album to be titled Klitoris

Weird name for an album right? But it get’s even weirder, look at the album art below
Designed by deviant artiste, Georgi Georgiev, Brymo’s forthcoming fifth studio album of new material appears to be a concept album about the relationship between the spiritual and physical mind.

Along the lines of the album’s title which is an obvious play on the clitoris, we expect to hear dedicated odes to the the female form in this collective and numbers about satisfying our most innate desires and guilty pleasures.

Accprding to, “The 11-track album, which is a blend of catchy melody, poetry and rhythm is said to be an expression of the singer’s thoughts, imagination and philosophy”.

With his inspirations drawn from all the right places, we will definitely be looking forward the Brymo’s May 9th release date.

Get the lead single Happy Memories from the album here.


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