We bumped Burna Boy’s ‘Redemption’ EP all day long and this is our first listen reaction


We don’t know if anyone else has been anticipating some new Burna, but after the hasty exit of his On A Spaceship from our music-anybody-cares-about playlist, we were hoping he’d redeem himself with a new project soon. As if on cue, Redemption comes in the form of a 7 track EP including lead single Pree Me and 6 entirely new material.


Coupled with rekindling his creative bromance with producer Leriq and returning to the UK this year after a 5-year long ban, Burna must be feeling an odd mix of emotions at the moment and much of this is evident on this project. He is back to address past relationships and face off with doubters, amongst other things but he’s mostly unapologetic for the past. All Burna Boy wants you to know is that he’s not the man he used it be. Right now, he is living in the moment and putting things in perspective for the future and that’s all that matters.

Redemption is not the kind of project you  listen to for pop hits or catchy hooks, hence why Burna’s experimental Afrobeat side is scaled down for a denser hip-hop sound  through the project. The result is not foolproof, but it works for what it turns out to be—a somber apology sort of. But not for past indiscretions, or failed relationships, or the soiling of his public image with his own hands. Here, Burna is a man on a journey that requires him to transform into different forms and configurations and even seeking Redemption from the past is merely another part of the process and not the goal.

You can cop a feel of Redemption for yourself here.


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