Burna Boy says he may be quitting music so we helped him pick out 5 possible career alternatives

Earlier yesterday, Burna Boy revealed a possibility of retiring from music on the 1st of October via his twitter account and let’s just say that considering the flop of his On A Spaceship album last year, nobody really gave a shit.


After the tweet above made rounds across the internet with minimal attention, Burna retracted it with the follow-up tweet two hours later. But not without dishing out insults and vitriol to anyone who challenged his initial statements.

Okay so now we know that there are dead men (probably Zombies) who would want Burna Boy to continue making music, but just because we’re petty, we came up with 5 possible career paths Burna could take if he were to quit music anyway. Take a look below.



Fetty Wap seems like a likely first customer

The many hairstyles of Burna Boy have spurned several blog and newspaper headlines since the self-dubbed Afro-fusion singer broke out in 2012. After carving his brand with a popular 90s high-top fade he sported through his Like to Party days, Burna Boy has since switched it up to blonde and brunette locks he randomly interchanges at will. Though his stint with the blonde locks returned with major backlash and internet memes, one thing is certain; Burna Boy seems to be very versed in hair matters many professional stylists would never attempt for fear of a career suicide and that may just be a gold mine opportunity for him.

Roadie for the Kuti(s)


Burna and Benson Idonije

Burna Boy’s grandfather Benson Idonije was a broadcaster and music critic who often toured with Fela as a road manager. With both Kuti Brothers (Femi and Seun) still active in the global music scene, Burna Boy should be a shoo-in as a road manager to them.

Fashion Designer


In case you missed it, Burna Boy pulled a Kanye card on us a few years ago when he declared himself a Nigerian fashion virtuoso, specifically as the official re-inventor of tinted vintage shades, the same ones he’s sported across many videos including his earlier hits Like To Party and Tonight. We’re yet to talk to our fashion people to give an analysis of his sense of style, but for the safety of our blog and staff bloggers, we kinda want to agree with whatever he claims he is. Yes Burna Boy, you are the Walt Disney of Nigerian style.

Hypeman for AKA



Burna Boy and AKA have carved a super combo brand for themselves over two smash singles Baddest and All Eyes and Me featuring Da Les. These two have a remarkable chemistry that even Burna’s hurried decision to quit music may not mark the end of their synergy. A good reason for Burna Boy to remain in AKA’s life would be a side-hustle as a hypeman for the rapper.

Niger Delta Avengers


Burna Boy’s PortHarcourt, upbringing places him at the forefront of the Niger Delta Avengers ‘struggles’. This means his story could become some sort of a phenomenon if he ever decides to quit music and join in the fight. Even better for him, like the NDA, Burna Boy is also very skilled at sending out threats via the internet, with that kind of work experience on his portfolio, becoming a militant would be a chance for him to prove himself as a real life baddest n*gga on the planet.  He already looks the part doesn’t he?


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