Can we petition for a Tiwa Savage Lemonade album already?


If we were to give a definitive ranking of events in music this year, it is highly unlikely that the very public crash of Tiwa Savage’s marriage to former manager Tunji ‘TeeBillz’ Balogun would not be on any the top five list. Brand wise we all know what that means. Yes Tiwa Savage is more vulnerable to public attacks and backlash but the fairly decent damage control that characterised the media blowout also puts her in the place of a victor, able to control her own narrative. Which means there is no better time to reflect some of these major life changing events in her music.

With obvious allusions to Beyonce’s Lemonade, Adele’s 21 and Bjork’s Vulnicura amongst other confessional type records about the pain of grief and heart break, Tiwa Savage could pull off a similar concept. Though the circumstances surrounding the failure of her marriage are relatively different in comparison to say, Beyonce’ who mostly kept the troubles in her marriage out of the media, if there was anything we learnt from Tiwa Savage’s infamous tell all interview with Azuka Ogujiuba, it isthat she still has a lot more to tell.

Nigerian (African) society is overly critical about marriage and traditional roles of women in society, Tiwa Savage could spark major conversations about roles of African women in society and the emotional and psychological strain of a union gone wrong. All she would have to do is milk creative material off the growing interest in the inner workings of the relationship with her estranged husband and voila a socially important hit album is created.

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This is not only a public demand for a soul baring album for women in the a la Lemonade, it is also a plea for the full story sandwiched into a compelling narrative and set to a ground breaking, well written and impeccably recorded disc. Everyone already loves a good heart break story. One we all witnessed playing out in public, however, will be something to talk about for years to come.


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