Catchphrase Uncovered: Producer Young John and other wicked matters arising

Like every beautiful artwork, great instrumentations must also be signed. Over the years, music producers have evolved, discovering witty ways to announce their presence in the makings of an eargasm inducing song. The moment you hear this mark, you’re already prepared for the musical genius that seeps through your speakers. 

YBNL as a label is famous for constantly making music that makes people lose their home training and moral upbringing. However, when the label unveiled new weapon of mass instrumental destruction called Young John, even the sanest people had a mental distortion. The new protege has only worked his genius on a handful of songs, but it appears once the words “It’s Young John the wicked producer” come through the speakers, all forms of physical control of the human form are tossed aside.

The producer’s signature has been listed to be synonymous with the phenomenon of the loss of physical coordination and self-respect. There have been many reported cases of becoming a Goon or an instant Omo wobe. Young John’s signature has been reported as the cause an acute need for respectable individuals to disgrace their families.

This mindless reign of wickedness has been proliferated by Young John with the help of the YBNL gang. Their major instrument of propaganda is from a music video called Bobo by rapper Olamide. This propaganda video has been viewed 6 million times as the group remains unquestioned on their repeated acts of mental terrorism.

The advent of Young John just proves that being a music lover in Nigeria is tough stuff. The dance moves are weird, you can never actually make complete sense of the music, and producers have signatures that may be detrimental to your life.

Someone, please save us from this reign of wickedness.


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