Nathaniel blowsThere was a time in the Nigerian gospel scene when the likes of Sammy Okposo, Asu Ekiye, Folake Umosen, Samsong, Kunle Ajayi, Rooftop Mcs, Tope Alabi, Ayefele, Buchi, Righteousman held sway as the leading lights of the genre.

They headlined concerts and church events across town but gradually most of them began to fall away like a pack of cards.

The gospel scene even went quiet for a long period where they seemed to take the back seat for mainstream music to flourish and even the few ones who dared to remain began to infuse a lot of secular music to keep along with the times.

Over the past couple of years though, things seemed to have taken a turn for the better as names like Frank Edwards, Nathaniel Bassey, Kenny Kore, Midnight Crew, FLOrocka, Sinach have taken the baton and are moving full swing with it, belting out inspirational songs and ministering to audiences, they have succeeded in bring back gospel music to the forefront of our focus. Credit must be given to these ones as they continue to ensure that gospel music remains relevant amidst the huge circulation of mainstream songs on a daily.



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