Come and see American Wonder: Lynxxx turns gospel rapper


We have been following the exploits of Syndica8 records boss Lynxx on social media for a couple of weeks now and we’ve suspected something major was about to happen. We had all our guesses; from motivational speaking to advocate for female “proper outfitting” by Biblical standards. It was obvious something was clearly going on, we just couldn’t wrap our heads around it. What we didn’t anticipate however was Lynxx becoming a pastor.

But lo and behold, this morning, he released a new single and a couple of seconds into it, we were convinced Lynxx had become born again.


The song titled Serve you opens with the line “2015, man I found God”. Lynxx proceeds to detail his experience in the world of sin and how his new life is dedicated to Jesus Christ because just before this realisation, his soul was dark like Nepa wen dey take light.

While we wish Lynxx success on his new path as a gospel artiste, we have to say this is not the first time an artiste has returned to God after failing to find mainstream success.

Lynxx came into the industry in the late 2000s. He found his first hit with an EDM-Grime fused feature by DJ Caise on a song titled International. His debut album This is Lynxx dropped in 2010 with a reception that ranged from average to mediocre. Save for lush music videos, a series of endorsements and Fine Lady featuring Wizkid, a single that dropped at the peak of the Starboy’s fame in 2012, Lynxx has dragged his entire career through quasi-relevance with sub-par hits.

Following this premise, a career decision to switch to a largely untapped gospel industry with the influence he already has on the larger music market may not be the worst career decision.

But as logical as the above sounds, we won’t be the ones to come between a man and his salvation by attaching a motive. So if Lynxx has truly found God, we hope he receives the inner peace that comes with it. The social media posts with subtle slut-shaming hints, though, yeah… those need to go.

Success Vs Fulfillment….. One of the greatest misconceptions most of us use to assess the value of our lives / existence. — Success : This can be described as achievement of goals, attainment of wealth, honors, position etc (All which are very Fleeting, worldly and not guaranteed to last). Fulfillment: A state of Completion or Realization. Spiritual fulfillment occurs when you and God are working together…aka Your Destiny. It is only at this point that your true value of your existence is realized and you start to live according to what is for you (This is known as Walking in Purpose) Most people allow the world to determine their worth by assessing perishable things they acquire (Cars, clothes, money, power… Champagne 👀)… Let’s remember that depression can also come for those who are “Successful” but unfulfilled, proving that success doesnt equate to fulfillment, there is still a vacuum only God can fill. The only time success is worth it, is when you enter the gates of Heaven, till then…… Seek Fulfillment! God bless yall! #ManLikeLynxxx #God1st #ManWithAGreaterPurpose #Awake #Lynxxxstagram #Lynxxxdom #DailyLynxxxspiration #PrayForYou #PurposeDriven #woke

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