Cynthia Morgan is dropping her album in two months and we don’t know how to feel

Cynthia Morgan has been out of the headlines for a while so it is great that the latest news concerning her is about a proposed album release and not another tabloid PR suicide.

Cynthia Morgan (1)

The singer featured on HFTV’s DaChat where host Zinnia returned with more of her ramshackle interview skills and fake accent to discuss Morgan, her sound and the progress she has made in her career so far.

According to Cynthia Morgan, the debut album is planned for release two months from now. She noted that the album has been in the works for a while but she’s been returning to the studio to make corrections till everything comes out perfectly.

Usually, album releases like this are a source of excitement for us, mostly for the potential effect an album drop could have on an environment where singles predominantly rule the sonic sphere.

However, with Cynthia Morgan’s inability to commit to a definitive sound or brand, we don’t know what to expect. Her numerous attempts so far play like hit or miss efforts produced without any cohesive creative direction except for a shot at scoring a big banger hit. Not that we object to this, as the possibility of Morgan finding and sticking with a sound that will eventually define her career is still possible. Putting this lack of charted direction into an album, however, is another discussion entirely.

Between the release of her single Don’t Break My Heart in 2013 and her latest effort Olowo, Morgan has switched genre definitions at least three times between afropop, dancehall, and afrobeat. And while we understand the importance of versatility in a competitive industry like Nigeria’s, the problem with Morgan’s sound shifting is the lack of a niche to carry along on her journey to discover her original sound. This doesn’t mean a niche carving can’t happen in the future, but putting her current loose sound into a body of work may just be a tad premature. Which is odd because in music, mystique is usually a good thing. With Cynthia Morgan, her lack of genre definition is not mysterious, it just makes her seem a lot more unfocused.

We don’t how exactly to feel about her proposed album release,  but we hope she takes more time to find her sound before releasing an album.


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