This is a definitive ranking of all Olamide solo albums

#5 Street OT


Street OT may not be any critic’s favourite choice, but for an album that played mostly like a collage of Olamide’s incomplete ideas, it still managed to peak on the iTunes chart upon it’s release. Not to mention it subsequently bagged a nomination at the Nigerian Entertainment Awards and a Headies win for ‘Album of the Year.’  The corners and edges on this album could have been tighter of course, but it doesn’t make it any less of a passable collective made by a rapper whose place in Nigerian music history is incontestable.

# 4 Eyan Mayweather 2015


With his own label signees already making major impact on the rest of the industry, Eyan Mayweather came from an Olamide who had become aware of his place in the game and with the overbearing power to knock everyone else out of it. Producer Pheelz also gets creative with the production of the album. The frequent Olamide collaborator made use of samples that ranged from Beyonce’s Run The World to Major Lazer’s Pon De Floor. Here Olamide is no longer bothered by the possibility of competition. He already knows he is the best.

#3 Rapsodi (2011)


From it’s release month of April, (nearly a year after DaGrin died) to its pun-ny play on word title, “Rapsodi” (Rhapsody means a musical composition, Rap-sodi can be loosely translated as meaning the other side of rap) Olamide’s debut album definitely had a lot to prove before it even hit the stores and the reason was evident. DaGrin had just died and Olamide had to strive to avoid a pigeon hole as the “Next DaGrin”. With that premise established, Olamide directed his rap away from the gritty ghetto themes that made up DaGrin’s focus. Instead he played around everyday suburban themes of love, personal motivation, street language and rap music’s natural braggart patois. Though the album didn’t produce many videos, it was a worthy debut album that set the rapper on a path to greatness

#2 YBNL – Yahoo Boy No Laptop (2012)


Probably the most critically acclaimed album by Olamide, by virtue of critics and music lover endorsements, YBNL was the sophomore album made specifically to shut down all Olamide’s skeptics. From hard hitters like Ilefo Illuminati to Olamide’s declaration of himself as the Voice of The Streets, YBNL played with all of the confidence and strength of a rapper co-signed to the rap game for the long haul. Being the first album by the rapper under his own independent label YBNL nation after his exit from ID Cabasa’s Coded Tunes, the LP indicated his freedom from A&R politics and content editing that had earlier placed him in a creative box. And thanks to the absence of too many fillers, the album worked as a deliberate attempt to make an LP worthy of its independent minded backdrop.

#1 Baddest Guy Ever Liveth (2013)


For many rappers, the album that makes up their magnum opus comes early in their career. This becomes the album upon which follow-ups can be dissected, measured and evaluated in juxtaposition. Though Olamide still has a fairly long career ahead of him, Baddest Guy Ever Liveth is the album that demonstrated just how untouchable the rapper was. Though a length reduction would have made the album completely flawless, BGEL has each song layered across the brilliance of the former. The album’s primary producer Pheelz also does well to keep every instrumentation waxed perfectly with the bars, hooks and a wide range of featured artistes. Evidencing Olamide’s influence, brand strength and versatility. If any Olamide album will survive the dictates of time and sound evolution, BGEL should be that album.


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