First it was a fight about drugs, sex and WiFi now there is this guy milking the drama for a hit

The year just keeps getting better and better for Nigerian pop culture and everything is happening so fast a bulk of the really good stuff is filtered out by the media before it reaches a peak audience.

Just today the Nigerian internet came to a stand still trending topic after two girls aired alternate sides to a story involving sex, cocaine and an allegedly stolen internet modem. The controversial details of their story have already hit the mainstream blogosphere with so many impressions that an unverified account supposedly belonging to the NDLEA (National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) also confirmed its observation of the latest cyber events.

But that is not the part that concerns us (or at least — god forbid —directly). The part that has piqued our interest is the guy above who spent the last few hours since the drama hit the internet working a song based on its premise. Rapper and singer Damayo whose twitter bio reads “Creator & Modifier of Audio Art” has made what sounds like an Afropop summer jam and recently shared a link to his SoundCloud for the full single.

The single titled ‘#TwitterBigGirl‘ is reminiscent of P-Square’s mid-tempo melodious swing on drums style they used to create hits like Do Me and Asamkpokoto with strong EDM fused reggae baselines.

It may be too early to tell but Damayo may just have stumbled on a new level of properly timed viral marketing many artists beyond his years have only done as an after thought. Tapping into digital and social trends can create an airspace for an audience immediately curious about a song tied to issues they deeply engaged themselves with. Damayo’s further progress on this path may be stifled at first, but with the right song, he could blow up into a phenomenon borne of the internet like Wizkid whose social media following has covered a lot of grounds his music would have otherwise not reached.

Wherever this is going will be a thing of marvel to watch.


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