First Wale, now Seyi Shay, is there something Drake and Wizkid are not telling us?

We have all had our laughs at Seyi Shay’s latest gaffe where she confidently claimed that Wizkid wrote Drake’s One Dance. But while we all know Seyi Shay has a history of taking her filters off in public, we also find it odd that Seyi Shay publicly confirmed a speculation Wale made on New York-based radio station Hot97 last month.

According to Wale, he wanted to hear more Wizkid and Drake working together and though he didn’t get enough of that on One Dance, he said he couldn’t shake off the feeling that Wizkid stylistically influenced or wrote Controlla, the single Drake had released prior to the release of One Dance.

“I’m not making no allegations but I feel like he (Wizkid) has a lot of influence on Controlla” Wale says,  “I mean, I know Wizkid’s catalog and he (Drake) just sounds like him with the lyrics and everything.”

Although Wale left his own statements open-ended, it doesn’t answer the question of who actually “informed” Seyi Shay that Wizkid originally owned One Dance since being misinformed was the only defence she could muster for her loose lips.

Besides, save for publicly declaring Seyi Shay a liar, Wizkid did not officially deny he wrote One Dance. The only statement he gives is a half-assed comment about not owing anybody explanations about his business (which no one asked him to do anyway), which only leaves more unanswered questions considering Drake has a history of working with ghost writers.

Wizkid-tweets-about-seyi-shay-s-One-dance-claims (1)

Anyway, our best guess is Wizkid is currently bound by a contract with Drake’s team. The contents of the contract may be unknown, but clearly someone at the top of the hierarchy wants the information that we have about their collaboration to remain as it is. So until there is a public confirmation by either Drake or Wizkid, safe to say, we may never really know.


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