5 celebrity cameos you probably missed in Davido’s ‘Dami Duro’ video

Davido broke into the industry in 2011 with a debut single Back When featuring Neato C, one of Africa’s biggest rappers at the time. Indications that the young starlet was more than meets the eye were already evident from his business mogul father’s fame and wealth.

But Davido did not use this as an excuse to get lax in his career management. Over the years, what he has done with the natural financial advantage of a Nigerian wealth class family, is create a strong network of influential friends for a more cohesive brand—and he actually started doing this at the start of his career.

The release of his debut Back When was followed by Dami Duro an even more successful follow-up single. Though we already got a glimpse of how Davido could maneuver his wealth to his advantage with a Neato C feature, on Dami Duro he took things up a notch by having some of biggest acts in the industry today cameo in the adjoining video but with very little screen time.

Aided by the force of the adrenaline bursting instrumentals, some of these cameos are so quick and almost appear as flash images that may not even allow your mind register what you have seen until the image has passed no matter how many times you playback the video. If you’re wondering who could have collected the following names we are about to show you in his video and barely give them screen time, well, Davido is sure as hell that person.

NB: Images may appear blurry due to the high frames per second speed of the video or just due to how fast things can go when money speaks, but bear with us anyway.


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Wizkid’s cameo in Davido’s Dami Duro video has always been a subject of controversy in certain circles. Especially considering the die hard rivalry that followed the years after this video was released. But if you’re still a skeptic and word of mouth doesn’t convince you Wizkid was there, pictures should. If anything this confirms the conspiracy theories that Wizkid and Davido were friends before they became rivals and there is more to their cold war than they both let on.

Burna Boy

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Though we haven’t heard or seen Davido and Burna Boy together in public circles lately, but you would be pleased to know that Davido featured on Burna Boy’s Burn Identity mixtape on a single titled Trumpet produced by Leriq and Davido. This cameo may be a continuation of their sonic relationship.


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We won’t be the ones to make outlandish statements like saying Shizzi’s entire career today was made by Davido. But we have to say Davido opening one of the biggest songs of his career with his name may have a  role to play in the attention the producer started getting afterwards.

May D

May D and Davido may not be the most likely buddy-buddies, but they have both exchanged vocals on each other’s music with features. May D featured Davido on his 2014 single Your Eyes, this however preludes Davido featuring MayD on Bless Me, the closing track on his debut Omo Baba Olowo (O.B.O) – The Genesis album in 2012.


One hit wonder Flowsicck may have gone to the place where dead careers go to rest, but his cameo on Davido’s video may not have been unconnected to featuring the OBO on his 2011 single, Mo Ma Toju E Lo.

This may or may not be Dipp

Despite the uncanny semblance, we cannot confirm if the person with the wolfish smile in the picture above is singer and dancer Dipp or not. The obvious reason for this is because we cannot see any books where Davido and Dipp’s path will cross, but its a small industry anyway so who knows eh?


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