Did you know King Sunny Ade once cameoed in a Hollywood film?

It may have made the news in its days, you may have caught a whiff of it somewhere King Sunny Ade was being praised or you could be completely oblivious of it, but yes, King Sunny Ade did star in a Hollywood crime drama flick titled Breathless in 1983.

The movie which stars American actor, Richard Gere and French actress, Valérie Kaprisky is based on a 1960 French film written and directed by Jean-Luc Godard with the title “À bout de souffle” (which loosely translates as ‘breathless’ in English).

The 1983 remake was directed by ‘The Wonder Years’ director, Jim McBride and though it didn’t officially have an original soundtrack album, the list of songs in the movie included two songs cut into each other which King Sunny Ade briefly performed in the movie.

The first is 365 Is My Number,  a song he released in 1978 and his 1981 single, The Message/Ma Jaiye Oni which loosely translates as ‘I will enjoy my life today’.

This marked the first of two more musical cameos and appearances in Hollywood movies for KSA, including Robert Altman’s raunchy teen comedy movie, OC and Stiggs in 1986 and Al Franken’s One More Saturday Night the following year.

No doubt, KSA was at the top of his game at the time and he kinda still his.

Check out a live performance of Ma Jaiye Oni in 1984 below.


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