Pasuma and the Orobokibo Movement


In 1993 Fuji musician Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, recorded Recognition, the album that eventually launched him music into stardom. In his own words “Before the release of Orobokibo, I was like any other Fuji artist on the streets of Mushin. As at that time, we were just playing music, not knowing what the future held for us. After the release of Orobokibo, my whole life changed”

Orobokibo was a term coined by Pasuma from the 50cl bottle of Pepsi often referred to in Yoruba as Orobo (loosely translates as “big one”). The word itself became a slang used in everyday vocabulary to refer to an established person in any walk of life.

In 1997, defunct hip-hop group, Remedies featured Pasuma on Jealousy, where he reprised the Orobokibo lyrics on hip-hop sounds. The group also sampled lyrics from the same song on their song Judile.

See videos below.


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