Appreciating Sarz’ work on Reminisce’s breakout, ‘Kako Bi Chicken’


Reminisce’ 2012 hit single Kako Bii Chicken landed him a place on the radar, gave him massive buzz and launched him into the mainstream upon its release.

But none of that would have been possible without the magnificence of Sarz behind the deck. Not with the cluster work of younger generation artistes like Wizkid, Davido and Olamide who had either dropped albums the previous year or swept the industry away with an out-of-the-box style and sound. Consequently, the music game was altered and both newcomers and oldies alike had the toughest time breaking in and making impact that year, mostly because audiences were only hungry for the new generation stuff.

But thanks to Sarz’ EDM groundwork for Kako Bii Chicken, Reminisce was able to leap above all of that to land a place on the charts.

While a sonic breakdown of the entire song may be unnecessary for the purpose of this flashback, there are certainly high points that must be noted to underline just how important Sarz was to the fulfilment of this song.


The Opening Sequence

Beyond, Reminisce’ “Oye rappers..” line, Kako Bi Chicken opened with a krunk infused dubstep synth alternating between volumes and pitches. The effect is unnoticed until the beat goes off for a bass drop and Reminisce’s voice vibrantly pushes back into the speakers with ‘Wo n’ ni mon Big Meech..” for a rhythmic bridge

The Hook

As the bridge comes to a close with the krunk still in the background, the chorus begins with ‘Eruku Wole!.”. And almost simultaneously there are popping synths of varying lengths, pitches and volumes diffused with jazz snares, heavy kicks and background vocals going crazy all over the place. We don’t understand how any one pulled off such a complex sound arrangement with deft skill but Sarz wasn’t even done.

That epic Sarz instrumental intermission

With sound progressions almost playing like a mad artist’s random brush strokes, Reminisce had to allow his audience get the full effect of the beat by calling on Sarz space to deliver an instrumental verse. The result was a loopy almost psychedelic play of all the sounds scattered across the beat with drums going heavy easily confirming Sarz as an electronic genius worthy of celebration. On this brief intermission, you can hear Reminisce asking “What is this?” in the background. Almost as if not even him couldn’t understand the ingenious madness Sarz had created.

We have to admit, despite the above descriptions, labelling Reminisce’s Kako Bi Chicken as the first well executed afro-EDM song may be a difficult conclude, but we are unapologetically sure it ranks in the top 5.


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