Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz to float independent labels under Chocolate City Music

Chocolate City Music must have heard our calls to go back to the drawing board to re-strategize and forge ahead with a new plan.
The label adressed a press conference chaired by the original Choc Boy formation of Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince and M.I earlier this morning where it was revealed that both Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz will be floating their indie prints Super Cool Cats and Jagz Nation respectively. While the decision to house both Jesse’s Jagz Nation and Ice’ Super Cool Cats under Chocolate City comes as a surprise, both artists already had the labels in full operation before.

Jagz had released his Jagz Nation Vol. 1&2 collectives under his own label in 2014 before choosing to return to Chocolate City last year.

Ice Prince likewise, will be bringing his own Super Cool Cats imprint under the Chocolate City music umbrella. The integration of both labels and their owners to the bigger Chocolate City Group umbrella appears to be part of moves to give each member of the original Choc Boys a certain degree of creative and business freedom.

But this still leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Especially regarding Ice Prince who announced he officially left Chocolate City music as a label two years ago. The bigger question people will soon start wondering about is the capacity that Chocolate City has a label to serve as a parent label to two smaller sub-labels.

Chocolate City Music has battled with promoting artistes directly signed under the label since the Loopy Records Merger. Consequent to that was the exit of Milli earlier this year and the silence of other noteworthy talents signed in the last year. Allowing Ice Prince and Jesse Jagz to bring their label under Chocolate City to sign other artistes will mean the additional burden of administration and management on their umbrella label.

And depending on the type of contract signed, the parent label may or may not be also responsible for artist development and promotion.

All these developments will come with bigger running costs and pocket deep funding and only time will tell if Chocolate City can pull this off. One thing is sure, however, expansion doesn’t always equate progress and someone in the Chocolate City ranks may have missed that memo.


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