Daddy-Showkey-stargistIn the words of Marvelous Benjy in his hit sing ‘Swo’, ‘Galala’ which is a dance associated with the ragga/ ghetto music, especially from artistes out of Ajegunle reigned for a while.

But now, it seems to have faded and so the story goes for the artistes themselves from that part of town.

Ajegunle once used to be the bedrock of the finest talents, sounds and newest dance, it was once home to some of our biggest hits as we remember Daddy Showkey’s ‘Dyna’, Franco Tiatia’s ‘Marry Me’, Nico Gravity’s ‘Nigerian Girls’, Daddy Fresh’s ‘Elerugberu’, Baba Fryo’s ‘Denge Pose’, Father U- Turn’s ‘Yetunde’, Marvelous Benjy’s ‘Swo’, Stereoman’s ‘Ekwe’ and a whole lot more.

Forward 2015, and like dinosaurs, these ghetto musicians seem to have gone into extinction, many of these names have been forgotten, some that gotten involved in acts that have damaged their careers, while some have quit music totally and there seems to be no new breed of talent seemingly able to take the baton and compete with the demands of the new sound of our music.

As much as we love our rap, as much as we enjoy our Pop and RnB, there are some of us out there who still thirst for those street sounds, where music is delivered in its raw form with energetic dance steps accompanying it, as the year winds to an end, we place a clarion call to our ghetto artistes who seem to have left it in the hands of Burna Boy to come save the day for them, can we have our ghetto music back?



Ehis Combs Ohunyon is a music lover and writer, follow on twitter @ehiscombs


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