It’s the end of the month and we just curated a ‘Pay day’ playlist for you

The last days of the month are here and for all salary earners and everyone else who has some money coming through, this is celebratory dance week.

If you’re joining this dance train, here are some songs that should be on your playlist.

Maga Don Pay – Kelly Hansome

Well duh! you have been waiting for this bank alert since the beginning of the month. It’s nearly akin to getting free money from a maga in the abroad.

Bitch Better Have My Money (Remix) – Tiwa Savage

Mavin first lady’s rework of Rihanna’s Billboard charting hit of the same name may have sailed in the underground without much airplay, but we still hear the message loud and clear. If there are any delays with the bank, the office accountant better hav your money by the close of day.

Baba Nla – Wizkid

You’re rich now (or at least for the next couple of days) your Baba nla status is, therefore automatic regardless of your sex.

Yahooze – Olu Maintain

The money dance continues as you try to decide the first set of responsibilities to address with your new found wealth. You have hustled all month, you deserve to spoil yourself.

Good Time – Kiss Daniel

You’re not looking for trouble tonight, all you want is to spend your money on anything that will assure you a good time.

Pon Pon Pon – DaGrin

Remember all those dates you have been holding off for so long because the condition of your account balance wasn’t favourable enough, well you might as well stunt like DaGrin now.

Abule Sowo – Olamide

The background to the release of Olamide’s Abule Sowo tells us the video was released on his birthday. If you ask us, we’d say everyday you get paid is valid for a birthday celebration.

Money (feat. Olamide) – Davido

Life is all about the money eh and now you can sing this too because you have lots of it.

Surelere (feat. Don Jazzy) – Dr. Sid

Surulere is the song, you sing on your way to pay all the creditors that were stressing you about what you owed during the month. Now they understand why you were asking for more time during the month.

Time na Money – Mike Okri

30 days in a month is not beans please, you have to get paid all that is due to you

E No Easy – P-Square

P-Square’s E No Easy tells it all. You have to work for the celebration. This is the song you play while you tell the end of the week story.

Testimony – P-Square

You have the testimony and well now you can taste the money.

Ba Ni Kidi – Darey

If you ever needed a reason to demand a reason to celebrate, here’s a clue, you just got paid

Osondi Owendi – Osita Osadebey

One man’s food is another man’s poison, so what you choose to do with your money may not necessarily please everyone. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy your life.

Bobo -Olamide

Because Olamide’s Bobo may be the greatest turn-up song to ever come out of Nigeria.


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