How to survive meeting your in-laws: a short film starring Kiss Daniel

There is something uniquely fantastic about Kiss Daniel. After winning our hearts with four singles that precluded an equally brilliant album, he’s back with a video for Jombo, one of the sleekest Afropop highlights of his acclaimed New Era album.

Once again, he proves himself as an adept storyteller who knows how to paint vivid imagery with his music. Jombo features a Kiss Daniel who loves his pregnant girlfriend but cannot find courage to bring himself his in-laws about his intentions. According to Kiss Daniel, this is how he survived his first encounter with the grandparents-to-be of his unborn child.

The first step is to stall of course

giphy (8)
“Baby maybe we can elope. We can run to the countryside in Japan somewhere with green plains and rice farms where your parents will never find us”

Especially after you see your father-in-law do this

giphy (9)

And he looks at you like this on the first day he sees your skinny body


“Ordinary pregnant daughter, somebody cannor play with you again”

Mission abort! I repeat, Mission Abort!

giphy (11)
Father obviously not available, try again later

You try another approach with the mother but what you see instead is a live action description of the phrase “when shit hits the fan”

giphy (12)


You see the first one go down

giphy (13)

And another one

giphy (14)
Muzzbe Jackie Chan.

By default, this is your next line of action

giphy (15)

Not today Jesus, I’m not ready to walk towards the light.

But then you remember who you’re doing this for

giphy (16)

Like a hengel in heaven

And how she makes you feel so good even wearing sneakers on agbada doesn’t feel like a crime against the universe

giphy (17)

So you brave up and show up

giphy (18)
Well show up… no need to try to be fancy with all that braveness nonsense

Even though in your mind, you’re thinking this could happen

giphy (19)
Oh no

You face them and pour your heart out

giphy (20)
“It was just one time sah” “Eskis sir, izz the condom that was fake sah” “Birth control lost control sah” “But I love your daughter sah”

Lucky for you, they’re like

giphy (21)
“We have been waiting for you” “Are you not that Woju boy?” “How are your parents?”

And the rest is history from here.

giphy (22)

The End.


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