We know Kiss Daniel is ageless, but do you know he is also addicted to undersized Fedoras?

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock then you know Nigerian alternative Afro-pop artist Kiss Daniel is a musical powerhouse. If you ignore the controversy about how old he is and focus entirely on his music, you’ll come away with a body of work that transcends many of the tropes and limitations that many Nigerian musicians are known for. His album did so good, it even charted internationally, going as far as number 8 on the Billboard World Music charts. Sadly, making good music isn’t the only thing Kiss Daniel is known for; there is also his apparent addiction to fedora hats.

Oh Fedora hats, where do we start?

Fedora hats first made their first foray into fashion in the late 50’s. They were worn by Italian mobsters looking for a way to hide/cover their hair while obscuring their eyes and looking generally menacing. They were worn low, and had small brims. Thankfully, the Fedora suffered an early death with the decline of gangster culture; that is until the late 2000’s when punk bands in America and the UK began to wear them again as a way to make themselves look meaner, long after Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp tried and failed to make them cool.

Then there was of course Pete Doherty, front man of the British band the Libertines, who in 2005 was dating Kate Moss, the most famous model in the world. He popularized the trend of wearing Fedoras/Porkpies/trilby hats pushed to the back of head, a trend that Bruno Mars took over in 2013 and turned into a phenomenon among young Nigerian jollof musicians, which brings us full circle to Kiss Daniels.

First off, nobody important wears Fedoras anymore. They’re like male equivalent of wearing a waist trainer. But Kiss Daniel seems not to have noticed this because he wears Fedoras ALL THE TIME.

Fix It Jesus


He wore a Fedora on his single cover


Then on another single cover

Kiss Daniel 3

And in his music video

He has this too-small-for-my-big head size Fedora in cream


Kiss Daniel


In Black


Mommy what AV u done to my DNA 😂😩 A photo posted by KISS DANIEL🇳🇬(VADO) (@iamkissdaniel) on


In Red

Steph is bae… @stephaniecoker 💋

A photo posted by KISS DANIEL🇳🇬(VADO) (@iamkissdaniel) on

  He wears a Fedora in his hood under his hoodie


He wears them even when he’s already wearing a bandana

My top 5 everyday vocabulary ; Na God Actually Na so Famba* Dude What’s urs?😂😂😂😂

A photo posted by KISS DANIEL🇳🇬(VADO) (@iamkissdaniel) on


He wears a Fedora in his promo pictures


He wears them when he’s chilling at home with his friends

Super star GWW boys @sugarboygww

A photo posted by KISS DANIEL🇳🇬(VADO) (@iamkissdaniel) on


He even wears them to bed


Fire tune dropping soon for dem GUYs😁😁* #gww A photo posted by KISS DANIEL🇳🇬(VADO) (@iamkissdaniel) on

Okay, Kiss Daniel, this is getting ridiculous. Fedoras were a thing, maybe ten years ago, you need to reach into your heart, say your goodbyes, and let it go. We promise we’ll still buy your music whether we can see your scalp or not.


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