Music Review: CRNVL and Koker team up to break rules on summer jam ‘As E Dey Go’

Production collective, CRNVL are working a self-titled debut project and we have been paying attention to their work since they announced it.

CRNVL is made up of two halves of uber-talented producers TMXO and Drey Beatz who have worked on a string of projects for Nigerian music powerhouse Chocolate City. According to TMXO who worked with M.I on the rapper’s Illegal Music 3 mixtape earlier this year, ‘CRNVL is an attempt at genre bending and contributing our individual elements as producers. So our music will either be exciting or disturbing but it will always be good stuff’.

koker (1)

And to prove his point, ‘As E Dey Go’, the lead single off their soon-to-drop project is wonder work of instrumentation drawn from different corners of the global soundscape. Alternative fuji singer, Koker is brought onboard house synths and trap step drums, a simple progression married into a mix breed Carribean and African groovy wave.

Koker is backed by a high-pitched vocal sample as he sings As E dey go/I go just dey carry dey go . A Fela lyric sample from Trouble Sleep, Yanga Wake Am is slipped into the second verse and Koker coasts smoothly through the beat with pre and post-chorus adlibs. The result plays like the perfect late night rave music you’d hear at 3AM in the morning when you can’t remember whose party it is or what you have been drinking, but you’re having a good time anyway.

As E Dey Go works for many reasons. Save for the occasional incursion of Sarz, the EDM genre has mostly been ignored by both artists and producers alike. CRNVL choosing to ignore the typical Nigerian four-on-the-floor pattern arrangement to tap into a relatively European house two-step arrangement yet managing to keep things unconventionally African with a Koker feature sets them on the path of fresh-cut boundary breakers.

There is nothing this good on the radio at the moment and If As E Dey Go is anything to go by, we’re already anticipating all the new rules they will be breaking on their debut project.

Listen to As E Dey Go below


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