Ice Prince confirms label exit, we’re here wondering what the fuck is going on at Chocolate City

Are you guys ready to hear this? Okay, settle down.

After months of speculation surrounding Ice Prince’s position and future at Chocolate City, the rapper has finally confirmed his exit.

Earlier today on Cool FM’s Midday Oasis with Dotun and Temi, Ice Prince discussed his upcoming album, other projects he has been working on and a bombshell revelation that he is no longer a part of the Chocolate City family.


According to Ice Prince, his contract with the label ended two years ago, however the details of his exit from the label have only been spoken of in hushed tones to respect his personal relationship with the label owners. Ice Prince, however, maintains that his continued allegiance to Chocolate City is unwavering, regardless of the circumstance, hence he still has an active working relationship with the label and its artistes.

While this as does not come as a surprise to many considering that, save for his Super Cool Cats imprint, Ice Prince had already cleared his social media accounts of any label affiliation a few months ago.

What we’re curious about however is what is going on with the label’s current management under M.I, because the questions are quite peculiar.


For starters, if the details of his exit have been kept under wraps for over two years, why is he coming public now? What went wrong? Did he get tired of being Chocolate City’s saving face in the management’s attempt to hide the fact the label is a sinking ship? If that is the case, why is he jumping ship now?

These questions are important because Ice Prince will be the third act to officially leave the label in 2016 (others being VHS Safari and rapper Milli) and its not even mid-way through the year yet.

Even more curious is the fact that all three exits have been characterised by the same shoddy PR that had the media speculating for many months before either party came public with vague details that just merely confirmed rumors without giving any tangible details.

M.I – The Chairman Cypher + VIDEO

We don’t have any answers yet, but one thing is certain, if we weren’t questioning M.I’s management style before, we are certainly raising eyebrows now.


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