This Nigerian cover of Drake’s ‘Hotline bling’ will make your week


Between Drake’s Hotline Bling and Adele’s Hello, 2015 was definitely the year of cellphone songs. Thanks to the information age, these songs have become so pop-culture relevant that over the past few months since their release, they have spawned tons of memes, gifs and exhausting covers.

Port-Harcourt based producer, Tebu Ovie Dyksen was just another random fellow until he tweeted a short clip of a Hotline Bling instrumentals covers. The rework basically fused afrobeats bass guitars and soft kicks while Dysken vocalized the song’s lyrics with piano notes. The result of this simple cross-genre mash-up is a breezy afrobeats sound you can already picture Wizkid’s iconic vocals on. With Dyksen already getting rave reviews and thumbs up on social media, we asked him to rework and publish a full video.

On the new video, Dyksen had more camera time to show off his skills. The budding producer went beyond Drake’s Hotline Bling to create a medley mash-up which included Tekno’s Duro and Flavour’s Ikworiwo. The interchange between these two songs before returning to hinge the chorus on Hotline Bling is so sleek and startling that if one does not pay close attention, it is almost difficult not to take Dyksen’s mash-up as an original song.

We’re going to be bringing you more mash-ups from Dyksen in the coming weeks, but you can look through his SoundCloud for his other strokes of genius. In the meantime, enjoy this electronic dance music cover of Banky W’s High notes.


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