Poll: Is Chidinma’s “good girl” image boring?

From careers that have been sent down the drain by scandalous affairs to sex tapes that have become the base work for building business empires, entertainment climes all over the world have thrived on the ability of trends to cancel out each other. And in the midst of all that chaos, the world has witnessed the rise of icons with unmatched popularity, impact and influence. But how is that iconic status weaved out of the celebrity’s brand and image after their talent lands them fame?


Emerging as  a contestant on the 3rd edition of Nigeria’s longest serving music reality TV show may have been the earliest indications that Chidinma was going to be a good girl. She was the 19-year-old contestant who had just passed up her admission into the university to enter into the reality show.

Her emergence as the winner gave more insight into her background as a choir girl who had come from a strictly disciplinarian home. In fact even after sweeping votes and amassing major buzz, It was speculated that she was still a frequent performer at the church choir she began her singing career with. With this premise, it is clear we were always going to get an image of a girl with a strong moral underlining.


From her music content to her sense of style, Chidinma has since driven her career around maintaining the stereotype image expected of a good girl, a feat she has achieved by paying attention to every little detail the media publishes about her and actively defending it to the teeth.

Though her music and style sailed towards the more wordly braggart lyrics and a Mohawk dyed hairdo, she quickly sailed out after headlines hit the media asking if Chidinma had gone bad, just before returning to the preppy formulaic love songs that have failed to land her the kind of chart topping run as her Emi Ni Baller hit.

While we agree a full blown scandal might be a bad idea, her inability to fully find a footing on the Nigerian music radar may hint of the need for a new style and content direction for her brand. Especially considering that she has to resort to an on-screen kiss with Flavour to keep her image interesting enough to merit any clicks.

She may be one of the most sought after females in the industry, but her artistry is in dire need of a make over.

What do you say guys, is it high time for Miss Kedike to switch things up or not?

Do you think Chidinma needs to spice things up?

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