Poll: Let’s get serious guys, who is the best Nigerian rapper of all time?


Though M.I deliberately shied away from calling out the names of other rappers or making any grandiose claims about himself,we have been alert with ears ringing since the release of the Illegal Music 3 mixtape. The reason is obvious.

There has been an absolute lack of content in Nigerian music in recent times and M.I’s Illegal Music tapes have always been the weightier collectives, released for the puritan ears of hip hop lovers. With M.I releasing a wholesome body of work that accurately plays like what many have described as the best rap album out of Nigeria so far this year, fans of other Nigerian rappers including social media overlords have risen to contest and defend the varying claims about who is who in Nigeria’s rap game.

The discussions finally reached its peak after music head and Sounds.ng contributor, Tosin Adeda sent out the tweet above asking Nigerian music Twitter to indicate their top 10 rappers. As responses poured in, Adeda retweeted them, sending echoes ricocheting into the Nigerian internet.

Conversations were sparked and stretched beyond the boundaries of rap to encompass other perspectives and sonic measurement scales, important for ranking the best Nigerian rappers.


In the space of discourse, the arguments have waned between the commerciality of highly successful rappers like Olamide and Lil Kesh who have studied the market enough to know how to curate the perfect hits off catchy one-liners and simple hooks. And content inclined rappers like Mode 9, Vector, M.I amongst others who still feel the need to make songs that pay respect to the art by sticking to the genre-defining rules of hip-hop.


The inability of every party with a valid opinion to come to a conclusion, leaves popular opinion as the only relevant criteria that can be used to finalise these arguments. So what do you think guys? Who is the best Nigerian rapper of all time?

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