These are the most quotable lyrics off M.I’s ‘Illegal Music 3’

We have not fully contained all of the greatness on M.I’s latest, but here is a glimpse of some of the most quotable lyrics off Illegal Music 3.

 The Finale

One is gold, one is steel, you decide which is it. You… You decide which is it – The Finale.

Everything I have Seen


Loyalty the code until the business is established, I can never walk away and leave my people famished – M.I, Everything I have Seen.

All Falls Down


Those people are sick, should I euthanize them?- M.I, All Falls Down

Because a prayer is just story for the gods men. If we all fall, we all fall then – Poe, All Fall Down.


New files


Speak up if you stepping the boys/It’s easy to tweet in that threatening voice – NotjustOk/Savage.



But I don’t share your negativity, our bond is not covalent. – M.I, Numbers

I gave them all direction, they all must seek clearance (Clarence) – M.I, Numbers

Just play the game, Ignore the loss – M.I, The Box

They say don’t change the sound, I say that new shit must be found. I know to build, you break the ground. – M.I, The Box

They say punchline or jawo mo. Well some like Martell, others feel Alomo – Pryse, The Box

Remember Me



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