Music Review: Timzil’s ‘Bachelor For Life’ does not only tell a story, it paints a picture too


Though auto-tune died and came back even stronger, jazz did not enjoy the same fate. Except you’re  a Fela who can combine jazz with afro-inspired music or a Kendrick Lamar who can manage the genre’s fusion with  hip-hop, nobody will be listening to your jazz song for many years to come.  

Timzil takes a riff of such fusion-based concepts, but with minimalist synths worked under a of signature Broadway jazz keyboards and trumpets while snares are reduced to soft kicks on an EDM progression. The result works perfectly for Timzil’s singing about a choice to remain a bachelor despite wanting a family.

He bounces through his verses with the blurry edge of a village drunk, the self-aware innocence of regular guy and the sass of a casanova. He is looking for a Mrs. Incredible with the smarts of Banky W (Yes, we heard him say head) but he is not willing to let go of the freedom of bachelorhood. The picture is vivid enough for everyone but no one will find it more relatable than single men in their thirties who currently face a choice between two hard places.  Bachelor For Life is not a love song though it sounds like one and that seems to be  the point, because the message is crystal clear; we all want change, but we don’t want to pay the price for it.

Listen below



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