Road to 1960: After 6 years of waiting, we finally have a first Eva Alordiah album

Being an independent artist in Nigeria is no easy task and there is no better proof than Eva Alordiah.

After surfacing in the industry in 2011 with I Done Did It, Eva’s career has witnessed a series of peaking highs and dipping lows. In the last six years, she has retained the throne as Nigeria’s finest femcee despite having three only barely-noticed EPs and no major studio project to her name. Just to show you how long overdue the release of Eva’s 1960 is, here is a brief roadmap leading to its eventual release.


In 2013, barely a year after calling it quits with Trybes Records and going full Indie, Eva released Lights Out and Mercy, two singles she promised were off her an upcoming project without a set release date.

Eva owned 2014 thanks to the release of Deaf  which earned her a nomination for Best Rap Single’ at the Headies. Though there was little or no talks about the release of 1960, Deaf was unveiled as the lead single off a self-titled Eva EP, released in the fourth quarter of the same year.


2015 was the year of patience for Eva Alordiah’s fans. After the release of Eva, in the previous year, the rapper had promised her debut project would be released in January of the new year. But presumably, she got cold feet after the luke-warm reaction to her EP because, 2015 rolled by in days, weeks and months and all fans ever got from Eva Alordiah was silence and handful of guest verses nobody asked for.


2016 reintroduced Eva to us with Kanayo, a cross-breed of commercial rap and Afrocentric hip-hop. Once again fans had renewed hope for Eva’s 1960, well, until a shoddy announcement from that she was quitting music altogether shattered all possibilities of ever hearing the album. Between publicity stunt and a quarter life crisis, we’re not exactly sure why Eva made the initial PSA of her choice to quit music, but thankfully she did not go through with it.

1960, her debut project is a declaration of Eva Alordiah’s independence as an artist and a liberated woman free from the shackles of society. You can cop it below

Download it here


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