Robbing Paul to pay Peter

P-SquareIn the past, P-Square always seemed to do things together.

Even from their albums, you could sense what Peter brought to the table and what Paul added.

Peter is the energetic one. The crowd pleaser. He is always responsible for the quick tempo tracks, where choreography for the video is in full colour and meticulous.

When it comes to the slower songs, the love medleys and soulful delivery, say hello to Paul, who by nature is even laid-back.

P-Square live together too. And this is despite each man having a wife and kid(s).

As a team, they work well, complimenting each other’s strengths.

So it comes as a surprise that Peter has branched off, to do a few things all by himself recently.

First, he landed the Olympic Milk endorsement alone (oh yes, it’s strange, because they are both ambassadors for Glo).

Now, he started a dance reality show called Dance With Peter. Is it just us or he could have found a way to incorporate Paul’s skill set into the show?

We know they have had their issues in the past, but we still refuse to read between these lines.


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