Saving Wande Coal: A superhero movie starring Wizkid

wizkid and wande coal

According to’s Osagie Alonge “It will  take the special grace of God plus every  other spiritual being out there to save Wande Coal’s career” The music critic made this comment many months before the singer released his highly anticipated Wanted LP. This may seem like a short-sighted statement at first glance. The eventual release of the album later that year only further proved Osagie’s point. Wande does need a miracle, however, he may not have to look too far.


One of the most unforgettable highlights of Wizkid’s 2011 Superstar  album was a song titled For Me which featured Wande Coal. The Jay Sleek produced song already had an epic instrumental. The combination of Wizkid and Wande Coal was, therefore, the perfect combination of skill, versatility and talent needed  to make the song a hit. The effect on both of their fan bases was overwhelming and fans demanded more. This fueled the first rumors of a possible joint album from them.

The years that followed this collaboration was tumultuous for Wande Coal. Save for a few singles, he hadn’t dropped any new material. MoHits suffered a nasty split in 2012 and Wande Coal was caught in the crossfire. In 2013, he parted ways with Don Jazzy after a controversial social media brouhaha. A split from such a powerhouse meant no one was immediately eager to work with him. He released a handful of relatively successful singles during the time, his brand as an artist, however, was taking hits from everywhere. Somewhere in the background, there was still a demand for a joint album with Wizkid.

Fans didn’t give up on Wande Coal and in 2015, he announced an album roll-out barely 11-days before he released the album. This was Wande Coal’s first wrong move. M2M defined his music career, but it had been released 7 years ago, there was no way Wande’s camp expected to make the album a success without properly building an atmosphere for its release. The new album might have been highly anticipated, but a surprise roll-out was simply poor strategy on the part of Wande Coal’s camp. Even the arrival of Jesus Christ was announced before his initial immaculate conception.

In terms of content, the LP contained original songs easily rated average by standards expected of Wande Coal. Wanted only took a few plays to become unwanted. This immediately begged the question of Wande Coal’s next career move and the only right move all evidence points to is a joint album with Wizkid.


The duo admitted to having participated in some studio sessions together in 2014, so it shouldn’t be too hard for them to find time to record amidst scheduling conflicts. The timing would be perfect too, Wizkid’s brand has gotten bigger since their last successful collaboration. His affiliation with names like Drake and Major Lazer is doing a lot for his international image. There is so much attention for Wiz now, that his legend status is anticipated to come earlier than it did for most. Wiz has also always expressed his support for Wande Coal which will be good for the chemistry in the advent of an album recording.

Wande is too talented to phase into oblivion after two albums. A joint album with Wizkid will, therefore, do more than save his career, It will return him to his rightful place in Nigerian music.



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