The essentials of Mr Eazi: 5 must have songs from the Ghanaian-Nigerian wunderkind

Ndani TV’s Dorcas Shola Fapson hosted web series, ‘The Juice’ guest starred Wizkid signee Mr. Eazi for its latest episode. The singer gave some insight into a myriad of interesting details about his life, music and style. Though Mr. Eazi’s fairly young catalog is still absent an album, the singer has racked up enough hits over the last two years to span at least three major studio LPs.

The following are 5 essentials any new Mr. Eazi fan must check out.


Skin Tight (feat. Efya)

Mr. Eazi has described the story behind his name as a product of the laid back neo-afrobeat vibe of his music. But no other song in his brief artistry carries the weight of this genre definition better than Skin Tight featuring neo-soul singer Efya, who is also signed to the same label as Mr. Eazi. This smooth new-age Afro-soul duet is set on soft drums, a consistent chord progression, and bed room vocals. It really doesn’t get more Mr. Eazi than Skin Tight.

Hol-Up (feat. Joey B & Dammy Krane)

With borrowed chuckle-inducing vocals from Joey B and an auto-tuned verse from an unusually relaxed Dammy Krane, Mr. Eazi channels his frustration with getting the attention of an attractive woman whose vanity was making the most of her attitude. Hol-Up bears another mark of a super-chilled Mr. Eazi who is slowly allowing his adopted style of music take shape.

Pipa Dance (feat. Klu)

After D’banj’s infamous swanky dance from his Kokomaster days with a fist placed between his crouched knees slipped into Ghana, Mr. Eazi and his brother remixed the move with their own nuances and took it to church strictly for laughs. As any African mother would react, Mr. Eazi’s mom didn’t think the dance funny or even Godly enough to belong in the church, little did she know that her son would smith a chart topper with a song based off the same dance move.


This ultimate sex jam came as a prelude to the highly successful Pipa Dance .Bankulize is the lead single off Mr. Eazi’s About to Blow mixtape with UK based Ghanaian DJ Juls.


Shitor opens with the sounds of the beach waters washing ashore, the guitar chords are strummed on forever, while Mr. Eazi makes promises to upgrade an unnamed girl with Shitor. ‘Shito’ is a widely used name for black pepper in Ghana, but we’re convinced Mr. Eazi meant this with sexual connotations. A cue from Wizkid maybe? (We will be lol-ing that thought till the end of time).


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