#DearArtiste why don’t you have a personal website in 2016?

It is no longer news that Nigerians do everything at their own defined pace and style, but some things never seem to stop being mind boggling. Like how there is a silent agreement that Vic-O is actually a real human person and not some Internet troll we projected into physical existence. Or  how we have all allowed Lil Kesh get away with a near incoherent vocabulary for two years now with nobody tough enough to demand a translation. Like everything else, even this is cool.
But you know what is not cool? Artistes not taking the initiative to create a landing Internet page for their persona, music and art. It makes absolutely no sense. It’s 2016 and yes we tolerate bad image management, we can tolerate the same repetitive music, hell, we can even excuse the conversion of social media into a tool of impaling fans with a cult of personality instead of an actual open communication channel with people who pay for music. But we simply cannot make sense of the lack of a dedicated artiste website, especially considering it is high value utility.

Websites can function as an online journal for artistes to actually have more space to tell their fans what they have been up to. This beats the character limitations on many social media platforms that only allow artistes give vague summaries of their latest adventures at best. Fans can feel more connected to the artiste and instantly the fire for a lasting organic community can be ignited.

Besides, a synchronization of social media platforms with a website will save artistes the hassle of handling their PR via cumbersome social media updates. Even better, a constantly updated website can become the primary platform for releasing new music and gaining instant freedom from the chokehold of music blogs who require cheques to be signed off before new music goes online.

The minor benefits of owning an artiste dedicated domain are subtle but can be even maximised with the added benefit of using the website as a cloud based archive for anything artiste related. New and old die hard fans would be saved the stress of hooping through miles of Google Search results for projects and newly released material by the artiste. All of this is just common sense really.

Nigerian artistes and their management may not know, but the Internet is a lot more than merely googling one’s name to see who made the latest diss at them. It’s 2016, the Internet is literally updated with a new idol everyday.

Dear artist, you need to get your head out of your ass and get with the program for your own sake.


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