ksa-onyekaThere have been duets on various topics amongst artistes but the ones that seems to outlive even the artiste are the love songs.

Here are 5 of the finest love duets out of our shores

  • Wait for me – (KSA ft Onyeka Onwenu): The legendary duo collaborated on this song to preach on the benefits of family planning. ‘Plenty children dey but no food to eat o, this kain life na so so wahala, if you love me you go wait for me’. Classic tune
  • Facebook love– (Essence ft Jaywon): Both artistes under the same label back in the days took benefit of the popularity of the social media app to record this lovely tune describing how people connected online and the endless possibilities.
  • One Naira – (MI ft Waje): off the M.I 2, album, the short black boy combined with the tall powerful vocalist to give us this absolutely delightful tune. We hear a blend of a rapper professing his love to a singer despite being on a low budget and this song has been performed on many stages across the land. ‘Whether na one naira, whether na one million, baby, you got me’
  • Comforter – (Jeremiah Gyang ft Asa): Now this is a Jam plus one, soothing, melodious and heart filled duet by Abuja based Producer/ Singer Jeremiah and Songstress Asa where they both express how the love they share is taking them higher.               ‘it’s burning in my heart, making me go mad, doesn’t matter how it turns out to be’
  • Ife Wa Gbono (Tiwa Savage ft Leo Wonders): This will go down as one of the top wedding songs for a very long time, Tiwa with her well delivered English verses blended perfectly with Leo’s Yoruba style and made this song unique and appealing to the young and the old.



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